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Rust Converter

MT 120


Rust converter for the treatment of rusty metal surfaces with passivating action that transforms iron oxides into a complex film firmly bonded to the metal and chemically stable that is ready to be painted over after the reaction.
  • ECO range


  • Mechanic schools
  • Plumbing and heating
  • Metalworking industry
  • Parks and gardens

  • All types of deoxidation of steel, iron, or galvanized steel surfaces, providing anti-corrosion protection for them.ᅠ
  • Applicable to external metal structures, machinery, vessels, boilers, cooling towers, etc.ᅠ
  • Repair of slabs in construction.ᅠ
  • Touch up of vehicle bodies.

PREPARING THE SURFACE: remove rust flakes or rust that is not bonded and the remains of old paint that is loose. Remove other impurities such as common dirt, soil, grease, etc. with solvents or detergents. Dry.

TO APPLY: shake well before use and apply the product to the rusted surface. Using a brush, apply one coat to the rusted surface, covering it well without applying excess product and avoiding areas with no rust (clean with water any areas splashed by the product). The tools used to apply the product can be washed with water. Its drying time is 2-3 hours. You will notice the reaction of the product when the rusted surface turns a dark blue-black color. 24 hours after application, coat with a suitable coating.

Ready to use. Do not dilute with water.

Yield: 10 - 15 m2 / liter (depending on the roughness and porosity of the surface).

  • Does  not contain silicone
  • Avoids costly sanding and rust removal, high performance and easy to apply
  • Effectiveness: converts rust and neutralizes the corrosion of metal
  • Safe to use: no hazard handling requirements
  • Other benefits: its use provides an excellent coating anchor for subsequent painting on metal


A&B Laboratorios de Biotecnología includes enzymes and microorganisms in their products to get so minimize the chemical load, substituting it for biological load that degrades organic matter.

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Ecodesign means considering the environment during the process of product development. It is an added value, an addition to traditional factors of cost and quality factor.

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European ecolabel

The European Ecolabel is a distinctive product that ensures the fulfillment of stringent controls and ecological criteria, among them the exclusion of substances harmful to the environment and health.

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