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Privacy Policy

At A&B LABORATORIOS DE BIOTECNOLOGÍA S.A.U., we are committed to the good use of personal data and privacy protection. This policy describes how we approach this data and the users’ rights on their online personal data on this website http://www.ab-laboratorios.com/es/content/75-politica-de-privacidad, and any of its subdomains, microsites and/or subsections, as well as when you provide this data offline.


1.- Your consent

Please, read carefully this policy and make sure you understand and agree with it before providing any personal data. In case you do not agree, do not use this website or any other services in which personal data is required. The fact of accessing this website, using any of its services or providing your personal information, online or offline, will be understood as an acceptance of the conditions and terms and you give your consent (when necessary) for us to process your personal data for the purpose noted below.


2.- Who is responsible of the processing of your data?


Postal address: Polígono Industrial Jundiz, Calle Paduleta esquina Calle Jundiz, CP 01015, Vitoria-Gasteiz (Araba/Álava), Spain

E-mail: atcliente@ab-laboratorios.com

Nevertheless, as it is stated in the Legal Notice of this website, this privacy policy applies equally to any company that make up the ABG group (currently: A&B Laboratorios de Biotecnología S.A.U. / Guserbiot, S.L.U.).


3.- How did we get your data?

If you already are a customer, you have provided us your data, offline or online, when requesting our services to maintain contractual relationship with you or, for example, if you have visited our facilities, you have provided us to access as a visitor. Equally, your data may have been given to us by our commercial network after you provided one of our sales agent your personal information. The categories of the data we process are: identification data; postal or electronic addresses; commercial information and economic data. We do not process any especially protected data.

If the data were provided through this website, we collect information, for instance, when you access the website, when you register as a user, fill in any form with personal information, or when you communicate with us directly by e-mail.

We may process and register those uses, sessions and related information, by ourselves or by an external service, even by the use of “cookies” and other tracking technology.

When voluntarily, you introduce your personal information, you ensure you are entitled to do so, and the given information is true, accurate, exact and updated, not confidential and that it does not violate any contractual restriction or other rights of third parties. You also commit not to impersonate any other user by using their registry data to any services and/or contents of this website.

You have the responsibility to maintain your data updated and correct. A&B LABORATORIOS DE BIOTECNOLOGÍA S.A.U. declines any responsibility in case you do not do so.


4.- What do we process your data for?

The provided data, and any other information generated during the contractual, commercial or any other relationship with you, could be processed for different purposes. For instance:


a)      If you a current or potential customer, we may use your personal information to communicate with you, manage the contractual and/or commercial relationship, including after-sales services and warranty, and to send you information about our products and services.


b)     If you are a user of our websites, sender or addressee of an e-mail, we may use your personal information to maintain contact and communication with you and to manage any enquiry or request you make online.


c)      In both cases, we may use your personal data to send information about our products and/or services (including marketing and/or commercial communications for the purposes of the article 21 of the Spanish LSSICE 34/2002 law) or of any other company of the ABG group.


d)     In case you send us your CV or resume, we may use your personal data to contact with you and manage the selection processes we carry out. In this case, the requested fields are compulsory for the process, in the event that this information is not provided, your CV may not be taken into account.


e)      In case of accessing our facilities as a visitor, we may use your personal data to manage the access and visit controls.


5.- How long will your data be kept?

The personal data that you provide will be kept as long as the contractual or commercial relationship is in force and, once concluded, until the interested party requests its suppression, or even so, during the necessary time to:

-comply with the legal obligations that may affect us and/or

-the expected time for the prescription of any of our responsibilities and/or

-the complaints derived from the relationships between the two parties.



6.- What is the legitimization of the process of your data?


The legal basis that gives us legitimacy to treat your data is the existing contractual and commercial relationship between the parties if you are currently a client or a potential clients, or, for example, your consent if you have made an enquiry on our website in the case of being a user or having sent your CV. This consent is granted unequivocally by sending us your data through our website or offline, considering this as a clear affirmative act that manifests this consent.


The provision of the required data is compulsory for being indispensable for the purposes stated beforehand. If not provided, we may not be able to carry them out.


Given the relationship, pertinent and appropriate, that you have with us as a current or potential client or as a user of our website, we have a legitimate interest in treating your data, within the maintenance and management of it, to:

ü  Be able to send you commercial information about us, our products and services (including marketing and/or commercial communications for the purposes of the article 21 LSSICE 34/2002) of any companies that make up the ABG group (currently: A&B Laboratorios de Biotecnología S.A.U. / Guserbiot, S.L.U.). This objective is compatible with the initial objective for which we collected your data (manage the contact and communications and keep a relationship with you) but, in any case, the provision of your data to send you information about our products and services, derived from our legitimate interest, is always voluntary and always prevails, over our legitimate interest, your own interests, rights or liberties, so if you request us stop treating your data and eliminate them for this purposes (sending us an email with this purpose to lopd@ab-laboratorios.com), we will do so, keeping them blocked for filling, managing and defence of complaints. This removal may not condition the treatment of your data for the resto of the described purposes.


7.- Who may us communicate your data to?

We inform you that the data you provide us may be communicated to third parties to comply with the purposes directly related to the legitimate functions of the transferor and transferee, such as:

  1. Transport companies entrusted with the logistics of delivery and shipment of our goods.
  2. Any company that make up the ABG group (currently: A&B Laboratorios de Biotecnología S.A.U. / Guserbiot, S.L.U.) for internal administrative purposes.
  3. Banking institutions for collection and payment management.
  4. Entities and organisations that exist legal obligation to conduct data communications (tax administration, etc.).


International data transfers

We inform you that we may use American suppliers that may have access to personal information with the aim of providing auxiliary services to our activity (accommodation, housing, software as a service, remote backup copy, supporting services or computer maintenance, email management, email sending, email marketing, etc.). Those companies may be different and vary over time but, in any case, we may choose companies adhered to the Privacy Shield framework between the USA and the UE. This means that they are obliged to comply with data protection requirements equivalent to the European ones. In any case, having accepted this data protection policy, you expressly and unequivocally authorise the communication of data to those companies, bearing in mind that this means an international transfer of data to a non-EEA country and giving an unequivocal consent to this transfer.



8.- What are your rights when you provide your data?

Right of access: you may request the personal data we are treating, including requesting a copy of them.

Right of rectification: you may request the rectification of your mistaken personal data or completion of the incomplete data, even by an additional statement.

Right of erasure: you may request the suppression of your personal data when: they are not necessary for the purposes they were collected for, you remove your consent, there was an unlawful processing or for compliance with a legal obligation.

Right of treatment limitation: you may request the treatment limitation of your data, in which case, we may keep them only for complaint defence and management.

Right of data portability: you may request that we return (to you or to a third party you indicate) your personal data in an organised format, of common use and mechanical reading.

Right of opposition: you may oppose to the treatment of your data if this treatment is based on the legitimate interest of the responsible of the file or is for marketing purposes.

To exercise these rights, you may address us through a written and signed request, attaching a copy of your ID, to the postal or email address stated in the section 2 of this Privacy Policy. In case of modification of your data, you must notify us in the same addresses, declining all responsibility of the company in case you do not.

Once received any of the previous requests, we may answer within ten days.

You are entitled to claim in the Spanish Data Protection Agency. For more information on the rights you may exercise and to request form templates, you can visit the website of the Spanish Data Protection Agency: www.agpd.es.


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