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ADHESION IMPROVER - A&B Laboratorios de Biotecnología S.A.U



CC 308


Liquid additive for bonding, adherence grout and mortar improvement in general.
  • ECO range


  • Building material warehouse
  • Building companies
  • Fire departments
  • Building restoration companies

  • Perfect unions between concrete or mortars, new and old.
  • Mortars for smooth finishes such as walls, pavement, etc.
  • Essential for reparation of pavement, concrete roads, ramps, surface treatment of roads, new constructions, etc.
  • As a modifier additive for hydraulic anchoring, it acts as a binder, improving the waterproof effect of the system and confering better hydraulic properties such as a greater adherence.
  • PREPARATION OF THE SURFACE: supports must be clean and exent of wrongly attached parts. Moisten with water beforehand. 
  • AS BONDING: apply using a brush or a roller. Do not let dry before applying the mortar. For works of high performance, it is recommended making a grout of CC308, concrete, gravel and water. Knead and apply with brush. Do not let dry before applying the mortar or concrete. 
  • AS ADDITIVE: mix the product with water and work normally.
  • AS BONDING: 3 parts of water for each part of CC308.
  • GROUTS: 1 part of concrete for 3 of gravel kneaded with CC308 diluted at 50%.
  • AS ADDITIVE: mix CC308 with water at a rate of 1:4 depending on the required resistance.
  • High performance due to its low dosage
  • Effectiveness: enhances resistance of mortar against flexion and compression and reduces risk of fissure while hardening
  • Multi-action: promotes adherence, improves resistances and lowers fissure risks
  • Safe to use: not classified as hazardous
  • Environmental improvement: biodegradable product
  • Other benefits: enhances resistance against abrasion and favours water-resistance of mortars


A&B Laboratorios de Biotecnología includes enzymes and microorganisms in their products to get so minimize the chemical load, substituting it for biological load that degrades organic matter.

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Ecodesign means considering the environment during the process of product development. It is an added value, an addition to traditional factors of cost and quality factor.

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European ecolabel

The European Ecolabel is a distinctive product that ensures the fulfillment of stringent controls and ecological criteria, among them the exclusion of substances harmful to the environment and health.

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