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Raw materials

 "Only matters that guarantee a reduction in their environmental impact and in their hazard"

We do not use any raw material for our products, we use those whose impact is guaranteed to be reduced under the strictest environmental criteria and the hazard of the final product produced with them is to be minimized.

Every raw material is monitored at reception to verify if they meet the requirements before entering the production process. This is carried out under the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 standard “Quality Management System”.

All suppliers of raw materials are approved under quality and environmental criteria.


A&B Laboratorios de Biotecnología includes enzymes and microorganisms in their products to get so minimize the chemical load, substituting it for biological load that degrades organic matter.

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Ecodesign means considering the environment during the process of product development. It is an added value, an addition to traditional factors of cost and quality factor.

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European ecolabel

The European Ecolabel is a distinctive product that ensures the fulfillment of stringent controls and ecological criteria, among them the exclusion of substances harmful to the environment and health.

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