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09 / 05 2018
48th Technical and Commercial Conference<

48th Technical and Commercial Conference

Focused on the importance of working side by side with the client to provide a better service and added value and show our differentiation as supplier in the market, something that is beyond the product itself.

19 / 02 2018
Businesses, essential allies for sustainability in the Basque Country<

Businesses, essential allies for sustainability in the Basque Country

In the Basque Country, 117 companies have already signed the United Nations Global Compact and integrate strategies in matters of human rights, jobs, environment and anticorruption in their businesses.

22 / 01 2018
The EU has declared war against plastic<

The EU has declared war against plastic

“Every second 700 kg of plastic are thrown to our oceans, and the 50% of the plastic of containers and packaging finish their journey on the European beaches”, underlined the EC.

22 / 11 2017
Online guide on efficient electrical appliances<

Online guide on efficient electrical appliances

We have found out through the Community #PorElClima that WWF has launched an online guide on responsible consumption, where the most environmentally friendly products in the market are compiled.

18 / 10 2017
Sustainable Development Goals<

Sustainable Development Goals

A&B has adhered, together with CEBEK, to the #COMPANIES4SGDs project, led by Impact2030 and United Nations Global Compact. Its goal is to take on sustainable habits, something present in our organisation, and promote corporate volunteer activities.

10 / 10 2017
New chances for improving sales<

New chances for improving sales

“Very interesting conferences, with a lot of content and many tools” – these are words of the sales representatives that define, summarise and title these conferences.

22 / 09 2017
A&B Laboratorios at the Basque Ecodesign Meeting as an example of ecodesigned product manufacturer<

A&B Laboratorios at the Basque Ecodesign Meeting as an example of ecodesigned product manufacturer

On 19th and 20th September, the Basque Ecodesign Meeting-BEM2017 took place in Bilbao, an international meeting about ecodesign organised every two years by the public company Ihobe, the Basque Ecodesign Center and SPRI. It also counts on the main clusters of the Basque Country’s contribution.


A&B Laboratorios de Biotecnología includes enzymes and microorganisms in their products to get so minimize the chemical load, substituting it for biological load that degrades organic matter.

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Ecodesign means considering the environment during the process of product development. It is an added value, an addition to traditional factors of cost and quality factor.

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European ecolabel

The European Ecolabel is a distinctive product that ensures the fulfillment of stringent controls and ecological criteria, among them the exclusion of substances harmful to the environment and health.

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